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Simple Truths – You & The Health Industry

August 28th, 2010
Henry Day

Do people really want to get fit, feel healthier, look better, live longer and have a more active life… Hell yeah!

Do the majority of people take action to ensure the above happens?

Sadly the answer is as obvious as the nose on Barry Manilow’s face… NO!!

So why is there a break down for 80% of the population that desires to be healthier but can’t get off their fat butts long enough to do something about it?
In my own work place & at the odd weekend barbeque (I manage to squeeze in), I am asked consistently “What do I need to do to lose weight off my bum”, “tone up”, “get stronger”, “get fitter”, “put on muscle” etc…

My  first question back is “what are you doing at the moment?”
The usual reply is “nothing!! I’m thinking about it”.

Well fuck me Sherlock? Try moving your frumpy arse down to the gym, do some exercise, watch what you put in your mouth and make time to train consistently…take action!!

Can I make it any clearer… but you know what, people are lazy and the retorts I usually hear are: “I haven’t got time”, “can’t afford it”, “got injuries”, blah blah blah….


Simple Truths
The simple truth is at the moment you haven’t prioritized your health: you’re breathing (maybe hard but hey! You’re still breathing, right!), you’re moving (thou not with the same agility you once had), you can afford new clothes as your waist expands & as long as your memory is o.k, you can always relive you’re youth & past athletic glory.
Well you know what? If you want it bad enough you’ll find the time, you’ll find the money and you’ll get those injuries addressed or find work around exercises to compensate.
Look at any heart attack survivor; actually… look at anyone that has had a health scare or decrepitating injury. All of a sudden quality of life is no.1 on the priority scale and they take action to get their life back better than before.
Bottom line to all this is that people are lazy and undisciplined, they don’t want to hurt themselves, it’s much easier to hang on to the mantra of “One day I’m gonna do something” – “Yep! One day sooner than later, you will be a gone-a…for sure!”

The Health Industry
Playing right along with peoples’ desires to be lazy is the majority of the “health industry” who hone in on those people that do get motivated to take that first tentative step.
Ever hear someone advertizing how hard it is to get fit, how hard you’re going to need to work, what really is required to get you back in shape.
Nope! It’s all easy, easy, easy…Let’s look at 3 areas:

Info commercials: 5 to 10 minutes a day on a simple exercise device that you can pay off in easy installments.

Health Clubs:
 90 days to a new you…. hell easy!!

Supplement Companies:
 Take this and you’ll be looking like the Incredible Hulk or Xena the Barbarian Woman in no time– there’s a pill & a picture to go with each product for everyone.

For those that are old enough to remember, gym’s where once a place where you trained & I mean TRAINED!!

That was obviously too hard for most people and limited the gym owners income, so a new breed of pencil necked gym owners, with a focus on dollars changed the gym experience to Fitness Centres, advocating it’s easier to walk on a tread mill for 30 minutes and watch a few music videos’, perhaps toss around a few light weights to get you that desired look in no time… Yeah right!!

Truth is they know the lazy undisciplined punter will use his membership for a few weeks and bugger off because nothing has changed. They might as well of hung out with Norm & Cliff at “Cheers” and deposited their money down the urinal.

They’ll be gone but the direct debit will still be active keeping the coffers flowing.

Now we have the emergence of Wellness Centres which are designed for rich lazy people to do even less. They engage in all sorts of rehabilitation that would be better suited for road crash victims, listening to tranquil music while smelling the scent of various floral aromas.

Fact is the whole Fitness Industry is trending more & more towards people’s laziness to earn a dollar.

Soiled Underpants
To be truthful most punters that frequent these places to train would get a better workout if they sniffed my underpants after I’d done a heavy squat session at the Muscle Pit– that would have them stampeding to the toilet area, (aerobically challenging, with agility work tossed in as they avoid those in their path), massive contortion of the face (there’s a heap of muscles used there) and a good stomach heave (abb work out) to finish off.

In Summary

It’s amazing but currently thumb of rule is the more dollars you part with the less you physically do to stress your nervous system – which is the catalyst to kick starting your metabolism to effect change.
If you are motivated to improve your health & increase your quality of life, good for you, I applaud you. Just remember doing something is better than doing nothing, but please don’t do something that is really nothing.

1. Set yourself a routine: Set days, set times.
2. Then tie it together with discipline:

Discipline to train consistently
Discipline to use weights that challenge you
Discipline when selecting the foods that go in your mouth
Finally to help you stay on track, find a workout partner or partners’. This will then obligate you to keep focus on your goals, keep your routine on track and they can help spot you on those heavy reps your about to push out.


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