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Powerlifting competitions consist of the three core lifts; squat, bench and deadlift. Every lifter’s preparation is different depending on their starting point and their goals. We approach each prep by first understanding the lifter, what their lifestyle looks like how active they are in their day to day life, how often they train, their nutritional habits and discipline, how much they lift and any injuries to name a few areas. Once we understand the lifter we map out the journey to the competition and numbers to aim for in their competition. Whether training for a competition with all three lifts, or a competition focusing on one or two of the lifts; we have the runs on the board to take our members to greatness. Visit our gym and take a look at our Record Boards or view our Legends to learn more.


Training at Muscle Pit is not for the faint of heart. When you walk in, you are there to do the work. Surrounded by the heavy Strongman and Powerlifting presence here is no shortage of strongman toys to play with. Our motto is ‘Strong Breeds Strong’, a testament to our common work ethic of giving it all you’ve got and thriving from our community. We don’t discriminate at Muscle Pit. We a strong foundation of respect based on our combined work ethic and drive.

You won’t find rows of stationary bikes, treadmills under our roof. Instead we are a real gym that brings real training and creates a platform for our members to achieve greatness. Muscle Pit is a place of loud music, punctuated by the sound of heavy iron being lifted. We treat you like a family. This isn’t a shiny commercial gym with colourful artwork painted on the walls. Muscle Pit is a gym where the person training next to you is also your close mate. It’s a gym where our members help each other, offering encouragement and is ready to spot your lifts. We share a common goal, to become the best and strongest versions of ourselves.

Whatever your reason for working out, at the end of the day we want you to be the best and strongest version of yourself. We will help you set your goals, whatever they may be, but there are no shortcuts. The time and hard work needs to come from you.

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