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Preview of WAPA’s 2016 Deadliest Deadlift and Bench

November 22nd, 2016
Henry Day

The WAPA’s 2016 Deadliest Deadlift and Bench takes place this weekend and this show looks likely to be an absolute ripper.

This by far is my favourite comp of the year – based at Mews Park in Fremantle virtually on the steps of Cicerello’s Seafood Restaurant; this outdoor event has proven a winner.

The wharf is a recognized hot spot for Perth tourists which ensures there will be a large crowd in attendance, add to that the Perth sunshine this time of year along with Australia’s best Emcee Adam Coe and it’s pretty much guaranteed that the Fun factor will be high for both competitors and spectators alike.

This year’s event has attracted 49 lifters (10 women and 39 men) which include last year’s winners Jess Day and Phil Wilde. Phil will be attempting to become the first competitor to win the event three times in a row.

Also, stepping out is the 2016 State Benchpress Champion Kevin Lloyd; who will be lifting alongside his eleven-year-old son Kane Lloyd.


How the winner is determined:

Each year the events winner is decided using a formula (Glossbrenner) this measures the strength of a Powerlifter against other Powerlifters despite the differences in body weight.

Simply put: a co-efficient number is assigned to each lifter at weigh-in based on their body weight – The lifters biggest Bench and Deadlift for the day are then combined to give a total – The total is then multiplied by the weigh in co-efficient number to give a final factor – The person with the biggest factor wins.


Men’s Section:

This year’s men’s section is the most competitive field I’ve seen assembled at any comp here in West Australia since the late eighties – The strength factor is enormous!

There are five lifters that have benched 200kg or more in competition within the last 12 months: Kevin Llyod, Kyle Love, Trent Harris, Phil Wilde and George Okunev. In addition, seven who have pulled 300kg plus in competition:  Gary McCartan, Matt Lynch-Blanch, Stuart Macaulay, Daniel “DirtBall” MacGuire, Jack Opferkuch, Phil Wilde, and George Okunev.

That said and from what I’ve seen on the social media feeds there are a few knocking very hard on the door that may see them breaking one or both these mile stone barriers.

With the field being so evenly matched this event could well be won at the weigh-in and a few of the lighter male lifters may get an edge.

This is where people like Corey Millar, Jason O’Sullivan, Colin Hogan and young gun Connor Walsh may edge into calculation.

My top three pick in no order – Corey Millar, Trent Harris and Phil Wilde with a fast finishing Daniel “Dirt Ball” MacGuire breathing down their necks.

But this is anyone’s….



The women’s side is straighter forward Jess Day is the class lifter here and barring injury she should dominate.

Second place I’m opting for Marilyn Tuna; Marilyn has been training the house down – she is looking awesome and is in a good head space. I’m looking forward to seeing what she unleashes at next year’s WAPA States!!

Third place is open…. Shaahni Carter looks the logical choice, she started the year with a hiss and a roar winning the Hulk Smash Deadlift Competition in February but working FIFO her prep has been hindered.

Zo Kruger is one to take note of as she is starting to hit her stride in the gym the past few months and has been hitting Deadlift training P.B’s coming into this event.

Another to watch is Alisha Rawlinson who is making a bit of a comeback after a long break from the sport. Alisha has represented at State levels and holds a P.B of 150kg in the Deadlift and has placed in this event a few years ago.


So, if you want to see a fair dinkum contest and Perth’s strongest lifters in action head down to Cicerello’s with the family and grab a feed of fish ‘n chips.

For those interested to know more about the sport of powerlifting contact Henry Day on 0401579419.

Looking forward to seeing you there…. Cheers


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