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Muscle Pit: Strong Breeds Strong

January 19th, 2019
Henry Day

The Attraction

One thing for sure Muscle Pit is not a pretty gym, it’s not a Goodlife, Snap 24/7 or Jerk off Anytime type of gym.

In here the summers are hot the winters are cold. The equipment doesn’t shine – the steel here is battered and the platforms are drenched in sweat.

So, what’s the attraction?? For the general population there is none. However, for the result orientated individual with a sound work ethic who has a desire to be the best version of themselves, this environment has the tools, brains and support to propel you towards your goals and beyond.

Within moments of walking through our doors your definition of what you think defines strong will be changed…… And there in is the attraction!!

Strong Breeds Strong

One of our slogans/phrases that have emerged from our training environment over the years here at Muscle Pit is “Strong Breeds Strong”.

Self-explanatory; train with stronger people and you’ll find your own strength levels will surge.

For us here in the trenches, grinding it out week after week, it’s been a fulfilling prophecy.

As we have built depth across the weight divisions it is now being strongly reflected on our record boards which are continually being updated after each competition.

The Muscle Pit record boards currently hold some of the biggest lifts in the country (and include world records) – in some divisions we have world age group record holders that can’t make the board.

I posted earlier this month on Facebook asking our members how many times they thought the current set of records would be updated over the next 12 months. Considering the high standard, it may surprise outsiders the average thought was there would be at least 20 plus changes, the lowest being 8 the highest 41 – not one person inside these 4 walls thought there would be no change.

To me this highlights the expectation, belief and confidence we have bred into our environment – success is expected!

Each of us here embraces the philosophy that each person’s job is to get the other person stronger.

As we have evolved a few of our members have specialised in areas like nutrition, programming, supplementation, water cutting and mobility, etc.. This is then shared back into our community to further educate and develop our team. This ensures progress, and if the knowledge isn’t under our roof we are generally only a phone call away from some of the best professional minds in the world.

Proof in the numbers

Proof is always in the numbers and to date Muscle Pit has helped develop some outstanding athletes:

  • 9 x 300kg plus Squatters
  • 10 x 200kg plus Benchers
  • 13 x 300kg plus Deadlifters

In 2017 we will have 10 athletes competing across 3 sports at the prestige’s Arnolds Sports Classic; 6 x at Powerlifting’s ProRaw 9, 2 x Strongman, 1 x Ju Jitsu. Muscle Pit has the biggest representation from any single gym in West Australia if not Australia.

Outside the main power sports, we have members that excel in MMA, Swimming, Rugby, Track and Field and Australian Rules.


To become exceptional at anything requires commitment, discipline, and sacrifice, it also requires knowledge. You can have the best equipment or workout in the flashiest of premises, but if you don’t have the skill set or support to tie it all together your progress is being impeded.

Strong Breeds Strong – Remember If you are going to climb the ladder of success make sure you are leaning it against the right wall… look towards those that have climbed that ladder before you, it may save a lot of time and wasted effort.


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