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From a Gentle Blow to a Fresh Breeze – Muscle Pit Highlights 2016

December 14th, 2016
Henry Day

With another year rapidly coming to an end and our Awards Night and Xmas Party concluded I thought for those that are genuinely interested it would be an pertinent time to pen a reflection summarising our gym’s growth and team highlights for 2016.


As I state each year since penning these annual summations I have always struggled to publicly “Blow Arse” about our member’s feats preferring to let the performances “beat their own drum”.

It has always irked me to see the many boastings on social media of average performances being touted as great accomplishments and the blind that know nothing buying into it.

This year we witnessed a Face Book status that to be believed it meant that history was reshaped and their followers, who knew no better again blindly bought into it.

The power of social media has bought a lot to our sport, far more good than bad…. But that’s a topic for another day.

So, in staying true to our team culture and values here are the facts of how 2016 shaped up for all members, ex-members and supporters of Muscle Pit – Perth’s Strongest Gym…..

The Thankyou’s:

However, before we get into the performance side of things I’d like to give a big thank you to all members who continually rolled up their sleeves to help out or got on the front foot and just did what was needed to advance Muscle Pit as both a gym and second home for all of us.

Without diminishing anyone’s efforts as they are all equal in the development of the big picture, I’d like to give special mention to the following who continually go that extra yard and a half; Julie Preston who has really pulled up the slack in the admin area, Maria Ramsay whose guidance and council has personally helped me, Corey Millar, Greg Rawlinson, Ross Semplice, Ben Taulanga, Alisha Rawlinson, Spencer Grebe, Jess and Nei Day and their family members have all played a significant part in keeping the wheels of Muscle Pit turning in 2016.

It was also encouraging to see new members embracing our culture and without hesitation stepping up to the plate to lend a hand when and where needed. Two that stood out for me was Zo Kruger and Dan Juhas who both contributed solidly with no fanfare or fuss.


As a gym, we have been fortunate enough to have attracted some strong businesses whose contribution has helped the growth of our facilities, athletes and the Powerlifting community.

The loyalty factor has played a huge part ensuring it has been a good business decision for each sponsor with the result delivering a win – win out come for all involved.

Joining our existing sponsors of Harris Stability Systems, MPS Remedial, Awesome As, Body Genius, Emerald Ink, Hybrid Supplements was Tom Covney’s SpecSavers – Willetton, Aaron Brewer’s NBK Sports Apparel and Nino D’Ulisse at Retravision – Cannington.

Looking towards 2017 at this stage we can confirm Disgusting Apparel will be on board with a unique sponsorship that is athlete based.

Watch this space as there are a lot of exciting things in the pipe line for 2017.

Highlights – Powerlifting:

With ProRaw taking up residence at the Arnold Classic in 2016 it was a quick turnaround from ProRaw 7 that fell in November of 2015, thus only Phil Wilde and Kat Becker made the trip in March.

Phil Wilde had a great year and is improving and learning every outing on the platform. His highlight was the winning of the WAPA State Championships that included a 360kg Squat. Phil also took out the Wild West Shoot-out in October.

Kat Becker who dropped down into the 75kg class this year lifted strong all year. Like Phil, Kat won the WAPA State Championships, progressed to the CAPO WPC Nationals taking out her division plus the best female lifter award in the process. Her Squat of 210kg at 75kg body weight was a world open record as was her total of 530kg. Kat also ended the year with a PB Deadlift at 225kg at the Wild West Shoot-out.

Gary McCartan started the year with a hiss and roar winning Heavy Duty’s Hulk Smash Deadlift Comp and in the process, became Muscle Pit’s 10th lifter to join the 300kg Deadlift Club. With his FIFO work commitments limiting his platform time Gary finished the year with the Henning Bach Trophy winning the Deadliest Deadlift and Bench.

Shaahni Carter featured strongly winning the women’s section of the Hulk Smash at the start of the year however due to work commitments we didn’t quite see her at her best.

WA’s ‘Mr Bench’, Kevin Lloyd made amends for the close “victory miss” at the 2015 State Bench championships by winning this year’s event with a solid performance. Kevin rewrote Muscle Pit’s record board in both the 100kg and 110kg weight divisions as the year progressed.

Jess Day capped off a fantastic year cutting to 67.5kg body weight with resetting Linda Miller’s Total State Record when winning the Wild West Shoot-out elevating the mark to 462.5kg. We are looking to take Jess to 60kg body weight for Pro Raw in 2017 – watch this space!!

As for the record boards, there was over 20 changes during the year, a testament to the amount of competition on the gym floor and confirms my belief: “Strong Breeds Strong”!!

Our men’s 300kg Squat Club now sits at 10 members, the 200Kg Bench-press improved to 9 members and 300kg Deadlifters now boast a membership of 13.

On the women’s side the 170kg Squat Club sits at 2 members, 85kg Bench boasts 3 members and the 170kg Deadlift Club also has 2 members.

I’m sure there is not another gym in West Australia that has bred these numbers – something we can all be proud of!


With Dan Macri on the sidelines due to injury, Dan concentrated on promoting events. The state championships saw Matt Delaney winning the 105kg division in a closely contested event with team mate Matt Lynch-Blanch who decided at the last minute to compete; both boys qualified to contest the Australian Strongman Titles at the 2017 Arnold’s Classic in March.

Kat Becker showed dominance in this arena as well, taking the WA’s Strongest Woman title to add to her ever-growing list of achievements for 2017.


Arguably Matt Barber is the best track and field coach in Australia, he has an exceptional eye for detail and a sixth sense when it comes to athletic performance and we are very lucky to have him as part of our team here at Muscle Pit.

This year’s youth brigade representing Matt’s Curtain Track Team saw some excellent results the highlights being as follows….

  • 2016 Queanbeyan Gift 120m Women’s Final – 1st Julia Phillips (7.5m)
  • 2016 Queanbeyan Gift 70m Evan Jarvis 2nd
  • Kiara Reddingius 2016 Open State Championships Heptathlon 1st 5,247 points
  • Virginia Stasysyzn 2016 Open State Championships Heptathlon 2nd 4,552 points
  • Isabella Morton Smith 2016 U18 State Championships Heptathlon 1st 4,075 points
  • Ellie Nagle 2016 U18 State Championships 200m 2nd 26.14
  • Ellie Nagle 2016 U18 State Championships 400 m 1st 58.81
  • Kiara Reddingius 2016 Open State Championships Shot Put 4 kg Open 1st 11.52 m
  • Kiara Reddingius 2016 Open National Championships Heptathlon 2nd 5,490 points
  • Kiara Reddingius 2016 Ballarat Women’s Gift 120m 1st 13.781 off 7.0 m
  • Julia Phiilips 2016 Mullewa Gift 120m 2nd 12.72 off 22.5 m
  • Kiara Reddingius 2016 Muellwa Gift 70m 2nd
  • Kobi Evans 2016 Hamersley Gift 120m 2nd 12.26 off 23m


Again, Damien Ayre dominated the medal count at this year’s Australian Masters Swimming Championships winning a stack of medals and is now ranked No.3 in the world bf FINA.

Joining Us:

Taking up residency inside our facility this year was PM Sports Academy run by Paul McGrath and Scott Andrews who primarily are working with the youth sector of our community to enhance skill levels and athletic performance.

Muscle Pit duo Marilyn Tuna and Rob Joyner have joined forces to form Full Cycle Training (FCT). FCT will appeal to a wider audience and differs from our usual Muscle Pit candidate as it offers more of a holistic approach to training with an emphasis on developing participants mental and physical attributes through movement, nutrition and energy.

Awards – Legends:

This year the Legend’s Wall will see the addition of three new inductees; 2014 Paraplegic Commonwealth Games Representative Ben Wright, World Record Holder Kat Becker and State Champion Jess Day.

Award – Ring Royalty:

Not all members will become legends in their chosen athletic endeavour, that’s just a reality of genetics, time restraints and willingness to “pay the price”. All I have ever encouraged here is for each person to be the best version of themselves that they can be. Much of the back bone of our environment is made up of hard working individuals who consistently invest time into this place, bending their back year in and year out, helping where ever they can. Much of their work goes unnoticed by the majority. To honour these individuals, we have made available custom crafted rings – these gold rings come at a heavy price tag ($2500), so they are not handed out willy-nilly. There is also a host of criteria the individual must possess the least being they must be a consistent member for 5 years.

This year’s ring recipient was Greg Rawlinson; in recognition to his outstanding contribution as a team mate, helper, fixer, consultant and putting the gym first – at times to his own disadvantage.

Awards – Lifter of the year:

After a sensational year that saw world records fall, national titles won and dual State championships in Powerlifting and Strongman, Kat Becker was a standout performer and worthy recipient as the “2016 Lifter of the Year”.


As good a year as this was I’m very optimistic that we will see some mind-blowing stuff in 2017.

Names I think that will feature strongly amongst our up and comers by the conclusion of 2017 are Marilyn Tuna, Kyle Love, Shane Manihera, Benji Williams, Bonnie Reid and if fit Kate Moore.

As always there has been a ton of personal milestones achieved by our members, personal growth and re-found self-belief developed, all of which should have all of us looking positively towards 2017.

On a final note, I’d like to acknowledge each of you for your contribution in 2016 that has made Muscle Pit an enjoyable place to train and a positive environment that cultivates and shares ideas.

Above all thanks for making Muscle Pit Perth’s Strongest Family…

Have an awesome and safe xmas and I look forward to sharing the sweat and tears that will go into making 2017 the best-ever.


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