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2024 Wild West Shoot-Out – One Hot Event.

February 25th, 2024
Henry Day

Hot!! Hot!! Hot!!

With the weather gods unleashing the type of weather that would make Satan reach for the air conditioner.  42 competitors stepped up in 43-degree heat to contest this year’s event; resulting in 44 WA CAPO State records – a good number of these doubling as National records.

Full credit must go to the team at Power Pit whose comps always deliver a friendly and entertaining environment for both competitor and spectators alike but the job they did to minimise the impact of the weather on the day was heaven sent.

The Comp

The Wild West Shoot-Out dates back to 2011 with the team aspect added to the comp the following year.

The comp this year reverted to the traditional weight divisions to determine winners as in Open, Masters and Teens.

Women’s – Open

The Women’s Open section saw defending champion Annie Malard dominate the field with an outstanding total of 480kg comprising of a 182.5kg squat, 82.5kg bench and a hard fought 215kg deadlift.  I’m predicting by year’s end Annie will be in the history books as Western Australia’s best 67.5kg lifter ever.

Runner up was Power Pit’s Britney Szilaygi with a 345kg total at a body weight a smidge over 60kg.  At 24 years of age, she has time on her side to make a real impact in this sport.  I do think thou; she would be at her most competitive at State and National levels as a 60kg division lifter.

Third place was fought out between two of the comp’s smallest lifters Tania Winwood and Joanne Allan who had less than 2.5kg body weight separating them.  The day saw Joanne taking an early lead through the squat and bench sections before Tania stormed home with a very strong pull of 142.5kg to steal the win with the lower body weight.

It was nice to see the likes of Brooke Palmer and Steph Forsyth using this comp as a warmup to this year’s State Championships which will be with us in approx.10 weeks.  Their totals of 400kg and 322.5kg indicated they left a bit on the platform which I’m sure will drive them towards a good outing at the WA CAPO States.

Power Arcade’s Lesley Nation and Golds Rockingham’s Sarah Minns accredited themselves well at their first sanctioned powerlifting meet with CAPO Powerlifting and will be better for the experience. Hopefully we see both lifters at the CAPO WA State Championships in May.

Women’s – Masters

Seven lifters lined up to contest the women’s master’s division.  Nat Hayter who came into this comp with a knee injury bravely managed her day best as possible but unfortunately had to succumb to the injury during the deadlift section.  She has improved in leaps and bounds since her debut at Mortal Kombat last year and I’m sure its only time before we see her deliver her potential on the platform.

Physique Training lifter’s Carrie Kosick and Celeste McCormack debuting at this event made a solid start to their powerlifting careers with totals of 220kg and 190kg respectively.  Both girls under the guidance of Physique Trainings Peter Mayhew will be better for the hit out and I’m sure both will be bringing bigger numbers to their next meet.

Belinda Rappaport, another debuting at this comp managed to total 292.5kg and finished just out of the medals in 4th place.  Under the watchful eye of Jatz Rasmussen at Physique Performance Specialists I’m sure she will be pushing for higher honours by years end.

Now to the big three of this division; Dom Soroka, Melanie Dolden and Sarah Taylor.  As most of you know the masters group includes not only bodyweight coefficient but also an age coefficient that your total is multiplied by to determine the winner.

Dom Soroka has improved in leaps in bounds since I first saw here at the Power Pit open in 2021. Since then, her numbers have constantly increased each comp, while her body weight has steadily been decreasing each comp.  Putting in a solid performance on the day Dom achieved a new 3 lift PB on her deadlift of 10kg which corresponded to a PB Total at 377.5kg.  After the formula was applied to her total Dom took a well-deserved 3rd place.

This was Melanie Dolden first CAPO sanctioned event after contesting a few GPC comps since her debut in 2021.  Melanie had the distinction on the day of being the only lifter to get all her attempts passed, going a perfect 9 from 9.  Competing at a higher body weight than normal Melanie managed four PB’s, squat 165kg, bench 70kg, and deadlift 180kg and in doing so raised her total by 55kgs to a very respectable 415kg.  As good as this was Melanie had to settle for second with teammate Sarah Taylor edging ahead on formula.

Taking the Masters division this year was Sarah Taylor who also managed four PBs on the day.  Her lifts of 140kg squat, 80kg bench and 165kg deadlift was good enough to give her an overall total PB of 385kg and more importantly enough bar weight after the formula was added to win this event.

As an interesting side note the open winner Annie Malard and third place getter Tania Winwood are also eligible to compete as masters.  It’s great to see the depth that is starting to develop in the WA CAPO masters arena, which should lead to some very competitive competition further down the road.

Women’s – Teen

Only two competitors lined up for the women’s teen section this year. In a tightly fought contest newcomer Holly Davey with the help of the age coefficient just edged out Shayla Winwood.  It’ll be interesting to see how these girls square off at this year’s State championships.

Men’s – Open

The men’s open became a 2-horse race between Power Arcades eventual winer Izzy Barrett and Power Pit’s Lucaan Cooper.  Izzy weighing in at 102.95kg had a solid day in the office going 260kg squat, 185kg bench and 290kg deadlift for a 735kg total.  His third deadlift attempt at 300kg was a ripper only just failing at lock out.

Lucaan at the heavier body weight of 122.2kg had the perfect day going 9 from 9 and looks set for a big year.  The most impressive thing with his total of 767.5kg (squat 295kg, bench 190kg and deadlift 282.5kg) was his attempt selections on the day.  This conservative approach allowing him to build into his day while minimizing fatigue.  A lot of times you will see lifters virtually redlining each attempt which tends to bring them undone at the back end of the day.  From what I saw he probably had another 4% on the day.  It would be good to see him at the WA CAPO States in May if it’s on his radar.

20-year-old Alan Chiu weighing in at 67kgs probably fell short of his own expectations on the day however with a total of 552.5kg his performance was strong enough to take third place on formula. There is a tonne of raw ability here and with some good coaching he has the potential to be one of the all-time best light weight men in Australian powerlifting history.  Big call I know but that’s what I see.

Power Arcade’s commander and chief Cameron Pilapil (4th) along with PPS’s Tim Jackson (5th), Michael Duggan (6th), Mitch Quin-Conroy (7th) and Josh Brennan (8th) all had chances to advance their placings but unfortunately failed their last deadlifts.  I’m sure all will be incentivised going forward to improve on these numbers.

Of the rest bench press specialist Steve Loftus bench of 170kg and Nick Blairs 232.5kg deadlift impressed.  Credit to Steve for finishing his day with a token deadlift after dislocating his knee on his third bench attempt of 172.5kg.

Men’s – Masters

The masters section saw the ever-green Jim Ambrose give the powerlifting world a reminder it’s going to take a great performance to knock him off this year as he looks to regain the number one spot in Australia.  Suffering from a few setbacks over the previous 12 months he gave a strong indicator that by the time the CAPO Nationals come around in August he will be firing on all eight cylinders.  Jim combined co-efficient of body weight and age of 521 saw daylight between him and the rest of the field.

Henry Day made his return to the platform after a 7-year hiatus for second place.

The ever-improving David Barker nudged in to third place just ahead of Mike Weise and Physique Trainings Peter Mayhew.  David’s highlight was his bench of 147.5kg which is a weapon in the master’s arena.  It will be a good jostle between these guys at CAPO States in 10 weeks.

Making a much welcome return after picking up a near career ending condition was Power Pit’s Bill Harnett.  Being ultra conservative for his first comp back he managed a 220kg squat, 110kg bench and a very easy 210kg deadlift.  Importantly Bill finished the meet in one piece, and I look forward to seeing him getting back to his old numbers in the coming months.

Sean Hood lost a little ground on what he’s lifted of late, finishing the day with a 500kg total.  I’m sure we’ll see Sean hit back in his next comp.

Men’s – Teen

The men’s teen competitors had an interesting tussle.  All three participants struggled with their squats.  Chad Blachford and Thomas Jordan only made their openers before settling into the comp. and acing their next 6 lifts.

Zachery Buba who was favourite to take the teen title going into the comp just couldn’t get his squat going failing all three attempts thus ruling him out of the race.  His 117.5kg bench and 200kg deadlift showed what he is capable of, and I look forward to seeing his redemption at his next comp.

Chad Blachford ended up taking first place just ahead of Thomas Jordan.  Both boys are similar body weight and look set for a good rivalry in the future.

Teams – Back Story

With the introduction of the team section in 2012, Greg and Alisha Rawlinson donated the Paul Jordan Perpetual Trophy to add a little prestige to the event and in the process honour one of Western Australia’s greatest lifters.

Each team consist of 3 people and must include a minimum of one teen, master or female lifter, therefore eliminating the possibility of stacking 3 open class lifters together.  Each athlete chooses one of the 3 main lifts (Squat, Bench or Deadlift) prior to commencement of the comp. to contribute to the team score.

The lifters co-efficient (both body weight and age) is then applied to their chosen lift and the resulting number is added to the team score. The team with the highest combined score wins.

Team – Winner

This Year we saw Power Pits ‘Nip and Tucks’ take it out.  The combination of Lucaan Cooper, Domenica Soroka and Brooke Palmer proved too strong for both Muscle Pit entrants ‘A Team’ and ‘Broken’ that finished in second and third place respectively.  I think this section of the comp will get a little more attention next year as the competitive juicers start to flow.

Past Winners

Past Winners

2023 – Men: – Cameron Pilapil

         – Women: – Annie Malard

         – Team: – Muscle Pit ‘Team Moist’ – Annie Malard, Terry Butler-Baxwell, Tania Winwood

2022 – Men: – Ashley Vincent

         – Women: – Catherine ‘Kit’ Henderson

         – Team: – Combined Gyms ‘Team All Sorts’ Ashley Vincent, Coby Murphy, Luke Mullins

2021 – Men: – Matthew Hrbar

         – Women: – Kat Becker

         – Team: – Lambda ‘Lambda A’ – Kat Becker, Nathan Parnell, Owen Dowley

2020 – Covid – Covid – Covid

2019 – Covid – Covid – Covid

2018 – Men: – Ahmed Hullameh

         – Women: – Lucy Michon

         – Team: – Muscle Pit ‘Team 1 Gram’ – Connor Walsh, Adeeb Rahman, Rob Joyner

2017 – Men: – Dylan Hellriegel

         – Women: – Kat Becker

         – Team: – Muscle Pit ‘Team Mutants’ – Connor Walsh, George Okunev, Stuart Macaulay

2016 – Men: – Phil Wilde                 

         – Women: – Jess Day

         – Team: – Mix ‘Mon’s Troops’ – Phil Wilde, Monica Cook, Kat Becker

2015 – Men: – Henry Day

         – Women: – Monica Cook

         – Team: – Dungeon Powerlifting ‘Team Fussy’ – Mat Van Beunigen, Phil Wilde, Kiara Small

2014 – Men: – Shannon Florisson

         – Women: – Monica Cook

         – Team: – Muscle Pit ‘Team Aces’ – Henry Day, Kyle Love, Trent Harris

2013 – Men: – Yianni Magoulias

         – Women: – Jess Donellan

         – Team: – PTC ‘Team PTC’ – Dan Rucci, Aaron DeCinqire, Daniel Sienkiel

2012 – Men: – James McNaught

         – Women: – Alisha Rawlinson

         – Team: – Muscle Pit ‘The Rams’ – Alisha Rawlinson, James McNaught, Stephen Ramsay

2011 – Men: – Daniel Sienkiel

         – Women: – Alisha Rawlinson


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