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2024 Mortal Kombat Novice Powerlifting Comp

April 25th, 2024
Henry Day

Hosting their very first powerlifting competition Cameron Pilapil and his team at Power Arcade in Ellenbrook put on an amazing day of lifting.

With 48 participants, mostly new faces, taking the platform it showed the sport of powerlifting is well and truly alive in West Australia with a few showing enough potential that higher honours await them if they choose to pursue this sport.

The day itself was divided into 3 flights: Flight 1 All women and Teen Men Lifters, Flight 2 All Masters Men and open men up to the 90kg division and Flight 3 All open men that weighed in heavier than 90kg’s.

Flight 1


Sophie Newcomb led the way in the women’s open section with a pretty dominant performance to etch her name on the Mortal Kombat Trophy. Weighing in at 65.9kg both her squat and deadlift of 130kg were solid, but her bench of 95kg was simply outstanding.

With the right guidance and work ethic I could see Sophie representing this state at CAPO Nationals in the near future.

Runner up this year was Konnah Hodgson who managed to bump her “total” best up by 10kg to 347.5kg on the day. Looking pretty composed during the day it was obvious the experience gained from her previous outing at the 2023 Warriors Comp held her in good stead on the day. Hopefully it won’t be to long before we see her cross over to a sanctioned meet as she would not look at of place.

With body weight advantage Shannon Ryland edged out a strong finishing Arianne Savell for third place. Shannon performance suggested there is much more in the tank and will be better for the outing and will be on most people’s radar at future comps.

Arianne in her first ever powerlifting comp ended up with the biggest deadlift on the day in the women’s section with a lift of 150kg putting her firmly into fourth position. With a little fine tuning I can see her pushing for top honours in the not-too-distant future.

Emily Camilleri was both our youngest female lifter at 20 and the lightest at a body weight of 57.65kg’s. Emily managed a credible 252.5kg total to earn fifth place and I look forward to what she can produce in the junior section of the CAPO State championships in 5 weeks.

Jessica Porter (6th place), Laura Berezynskyj (7th place) and Stacey Edris (8th Place) rounded out the field in the women’s open. All lifters succeeded with 6 of their 9 attempts and no doubt all have gained solid experience which will help them in future comps.

The women’s masters section saw just one entry, Tam Hargraves. Just missing one lift all day. Tam put in a solid performance and took out the master’s division with a comfortable 147.5kg Total. Well done Tam.

Teen Boys

Well for me this was the most exciting part of the comp. The competition between the four boys aging from 15 to 19 was close and it went right down to the last deadlifts to determine the final placings.

In first place this year was Kyle Braganza who finished with a total of 440kg after pulling a deadlift of 190kg on his last lift to edge out Ryan Ghirardi on formula due to his lower body weight.

Ryan himself went 445kg’s which was 5kg a head of Kyle in total weight lifted on the day however being 25kg heavier in body weight saw him loose ground to Kyle on formula.

Kobi Murphy who was the youngest competitor on the day and was super impressive as he took out third place. His lifts of 150kg squat, Bench 77.5kg and Deadlift of 180kg for his age and body weight are on world record pace. It was only the close miss of his third deadlift that cost him a hire placing.

Fourth place getter Reagan Murphy will be a “smokey” at his next outing. The kid has enormous potential. His Bench and Deadlift where right in the mix with his counter parts but it was his squats that put him behind right from the start. If he can get that fixed, he will be a force at his next comp.

With these boys coming through the future of our sport is looking good.

Flight 2

Masters Men

With a bit of grease and oil applied to the joints, five masters’ lifters rolled back the years to have a crack at this comp.

Queenslander Jonathon Powles elected to jump into this comp while he was visiting Perth and managed a noteworthy 470kg Total for fifth place. Hope we see you back in the west soon.

A total of 500kg at 50 years of age and a body weight of 91.5kg was enough to see Ian Green into fourth place. I’d say his final lift of 210kg on the deadlift would have been Ian’s highlight.

It was good to finally see Ryan Chaudhry on the platform. He has had his name down for several comps over the last year but has had to pull out due to various reasons. His total of 632.5kg was the second highest of the day and was good enough for third in the master’s division once the formula was considered. Ryans deadlift of 255kg was also the heaviest deadlift of the day.

Jim Limnios in his first ever comp did himself proud finishing in second place with a 540kg total in this section. Jim would have picked up a ton of experience on the day as the only lifts he missed was due to technical issues.

Taking out this division was Michael Van Spill. Only missing two lifts all day his lifts of 190kg Squat, 140kg Bench and 210kg deadlift for a 540kg total enabled him to grab enough points on formula to clinch the win.

Flight 2 & 3

All Open Men

A total of 21 lifters fought this section out.

Dwayne Smith was outstanding and truly should be taking the next step into sanctioned meets such was his dominance. He managed the heaviest lift in each section of this comp. 250kg Squat, 182.5kg Bench and 250 Deadlift for a day high of 682.5kg. Congrats on your victory taking out this year’s comp.

In hot pursuit were Ronald Leoncio and Sam Althorpe finishing second and third respectively. Ronald finished with a 577.5kg total to edge out Sam Althorpe who finished on a total of 570kg.

Sam also had the distinction of being one of only 4 lifters who didn’t miss an attempt. The others being Denby Adams (9th Place), Raymond Roberts (14th Place) and Lachlan McLeod (15th Place).


The five Junior lifters (under 23 years of age) showed a lot of promise with Bevan McNess (585kg total) and Kobe Robinson (500kg total) taking out the 4th and 5th overall positions.

A bee’s dick back was Thomas Brooks in 7th overall by way of his 502.5kg total and Cian Lyra 9th overall (507.5kg total) slipping down one spot due to the body weight difference between himself and Thomas.

Andrew Guvrilu, thou placing 16th overall out of this group with a 445kg total, I think is set for a big future in this sport. He works extremely hard and will be better for the experience. Give this boy another 24months at the rate he is going, and he will bet challenging for higher Honors.

With an eye to the future, I’m predicting these juniors are set to have some fierce battles in the years to come now the fuse has been lit on their powerlifting careers.

Cam Beckly was one of two lifters that weighed in just under 75kg body weight. Cam put in a strong performance finishing in 6th place with a 455kg total. The other 75kg lifter was Brandon McMeechen whose 400kg at a body weight of 73.35kg total enabled him to seal 13th overall.

Heavy weight Ben Wright who struggled with his bench squeezed into 10th place with a solid 575kg total. Once he sorts that bench out, he will no doubt ascend higher up that ladder.

11th placed Jeremy Pearce and the remaining lifters Ross McPhee (12th Place), Heavyweight Raymond Roberts (14th place), Marlon Coma (17th place), Jake Forster (18th place), Aaron Tan (19th place), Anthony Blower (20th place), Jake Price (21st) all seemed to enjoy the event and no doubt have all gained some valuable experience, along with new numbers to work towards on their next outing.

From the outside looking in the comradeship amongst the lifters was excellent and audience participation was encouraging – a trademark of CAPO Comps.


On a side note, it was great to see so many current and past lifters putting back into the sport. As most will know these events rely heavily on the good will of volunteers to cover refereeing, the score table, spotting and the loading of weights, Emcee’s to call the action, live feed casters and photographers to capture the action etc… So, to all that rolled up their sleeves and helped, thank you.


Our next sanctioned meet is the WA CAPO State Championships being held on the 18th and 19th of May at Camp Wattle Grove, 59 Kelvin Road, Wattle Grove.

From there all roads lead to the Power Pit for our next novice comp which will be held on the 7th of July.

Look forward to seeing you soon.

Over All Results


Men’s Open Overall Champion

1st Place: Dwayne Smith

2nd Place: Ronald Leoncio

3rd Place: Sam Althorpe

Men’s Masters Overall Champion

1st Place: Michael Van Spall

2nd Place: Jim Limnios

3rd Place: Ryan Chaudhry

Men’s Teens Overall Champion

1st Place: Kyle Braganza

2nd Place: Ryan Ghirardi

3rd Place: Kobe Murphy


Women’s Open Overall Champion

1st Place: Sophie Newcomb

2nd Place: Konnah Hodgson

3rd Place: Shannon Ryland

Women’s Masters Overall Champion

1st Place: Tam Hargraves



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