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2020 Deadliest Deadlift & Bench

August 12th, 2021
Henry Day

With 3 previous winners of this event in the Men’s section and two well credentialed interstate guest making their debuts at the Deadliest Deadlift and Bench, this was always going to be a hotly contested competition for both male and female divisions.

Held for the 13th straight year on the wharf, outside Cicerellos Seafood Restaurant in Fremantle the weather gods provided another perfect day which enabled athletes to excel, spectators to relax and everyone to enjoy.

Before diving into the result, a quick summary of fact:

  1. The event had 6 male lifters successfully pulling over 300kg and five that benched 200kg or more.
  2. The women side not to be out gunned saw two girls deadlift over 200kg and two that benched 100kg or better,
    with a third girl successfully lifting 97.5kg.
  3. Overall, there was 63 new Australian records set, which really highlights the calibre of lifters that participated at this event.

If you honestly believe in “competing where the competition is” this is where you should be sending your lifters.


At the start of November, it looked like half the field in the women’s division had a genuine chance of taking the podium however as the month progressed the field started to thin. Defending champion Tania Winwood pulled out after a car crash, Alexis Hayto, third overall at this year’s state powerlifting championships succumbed to a freakish training accident and current Open Women’s State Champion Annie Mallard spent a few days in hospital with an illness that dramatically reduced her readiness for this event.

Even with two out of the three out and one seriously hampered there was still an unbelievable amount of genuine talent. Established powerlifters Lucy Michon, Leah Bennet, Sian Miller, NZ import Alexis Molloy on the come back trail and the fast-improving Ashlee Watkins fresh off her Sons of Odin win all had a genuine chance to podium.

To rock the boat a little, add into the mix Strongman athlete Josie Jordan, Kylie Mcleod and Olympic Weightlifting teen sensation Ruby Cawardine all elected to make their powerlifting debut at this year’s event.

Then came the big addition to the event…. As the WA borders came down Northern Territory’s Sarah Rodwell decided to take up the offer to do a comp down here in Perth. Sarah has had an amazing career to date. In powerlifting she has participated in pro-powerlifting events, Wild Cats and ProRaw. She has also won Australian tittles in Mass Wrestling, Arm Wrestling and participated at the Arnolds in Woman’s division of Strongman. A very formidable resume and one that made her favourite for this event.


As usual we must give a massive thanks to Emcee Adam Coe who is indisputably Australia’s best action caller in powerlifting.

Our team of Refs on the day who shared the duties: Zo Kruger, Corey Millar, Kenyon Donaldson and Matt Bylsma all did a fantastic job maintaining the consistency you expect from a CAPO run competition.

The one person I feel never gets enough praise is Russ Cook our camera man who is always there snapping up the action and then uploading the shots on to Muscle Pits Facebook for you all to pillage… for free – something you generally pay for at other comps. Big Thanks Russ.

Thanks also to our spotters/Loaders and the scorer’s desk on the day that give their time and energy to ensure the athletes on the day have a safe and enjoyable day!!

Last of all a massive thanks to the fans and supporters who turned up to watch and create an awesome atmosphere, every clap and every cheer is appreciated by all involved.

Our next comp is a novice comp to be held in West Australia’s latest powerlifting facility The Power Pit in Rockingham on the 24th of January. If you wish to know more about this phone Henry on mobile 0401579419.

Have a safe and Merry Xmas…


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