This is a no frills gym that houses a team of like-minded, goal orientated and driven individuals.

The atmosphere is competitive and as such it will force you to achieve beyond your initial expectations both physically and mentally.

We share our collective knowledge. We have the artillery and a support network that is proven.

This is a team environment.

As such we are selective on who we let join. We want people who are team orientated, have a strong work ethic, a hunger to learn and a burning desire to be the best they can be. As part of this team you must be 100% committed and embrace our values.



  • Represent Muscle Pit at all times in a professional manner:
    • Within the gym
    • Publicly
    • On social media
  • If you have any issues or grievances do not use a public forum to vent, or belittle other
    members – any problems stay In-house.


  • Be willing to spot and load for other members as needed.
  • Don’t miss or be late for team sessions (phone or text ahead if you are).
  • Keep rubbish off the gym equipment.
  • All training bags to be kept in the changing rooms or designated area.
  • Put away weights and equipment when finished.
  • Leave the gym in a tidy state.
  • Offer guidance when asked for.
  • Be mindful that not all advice is welcomed.
  • Respect other member’s training, training methods and goals (even if different to what you are doing).
  • Use sponsors products and services whenever possible.
  • Treat the facility and the equipment like it’s your own.


  • Promote the gym.
  • Promote Muscle Pit sponsors – always check if you are unsure if your actions may conflict with or potentially damage these relationships.
  • Compete at Muscle Pit competitions or help set up, pack down, spot, load or umpire at Muscle Pit competitions.
  • Wear Muscle Pit branding at all events.


  • Be actively involved in a sport (with formally recognised competitions and publicly available results) or,
  • Compete in Muscle Pit competitions on a regular basis


  • Train Hard
  • Train Smart
  • Train Consistently
  • Train then socialise – Do not engage in idle chit chat while training